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20 years old and in my sophomore year of college, I never thought I’d be faced with the May 1st college decision deadline that once loomed over my head senior year of high school. But as most things do, my life plan from high school has plummeted to the depths of the earth, never to be found again. Just kidding, I’m just revising it right now.

So to update all of your curious minds, I was going to transfer because I am bored, basically conducting my life on a day to day basis filled with simply exercising, netflixs, my kindle, and whatever alcohol is left over from the weekend. It’s funny to think that it’s finals week now, and I am actually wishing I had some work to do! Last night, when faced with ultimately making up my mind between transferring and staying here, I came to the realization that it’s not this school that I dislike, it’s just school in general. I told myself that maybe I just need to chill out, and embrace this time in my life when I have nothing to do and can just screw around all day. Then I got bored again, so I’m planning my internship in Paris and winter break in Sri Lanka in my free time.  I’m also creating a Chinese Business minor so maybe that will occupy some time!

Part of me hates myself for putting all the work into applying and now deciding to stay, but I would’ve hated myself for not doing it more, and it’s not like I had anything more productive to do.  This revised version of my life plan could very easily go awry if I get accepted into USC within the next month, which just seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up, but I suppose only time will tell.

For now, the new schedule for the next two years includes a lot of traveling and of course shopping to occupy my time and my wallet.

Stay tuned~