What does the worst day ever feel like? You’d think I would know since i declare practically every day to be just that. I ask myself if yesterday qualifies….

The day began with me waking up late to my second alarm after Wednesday’s elaborate night. Checking my phone, I had a message from the boy that I hadn’t seen the night before, asking if I wanted to hang out that day. Things were already looking up.
I had a dumb art project due so I edited that and went to school only to turn it in before walking to his house in the beautiful sun and 70 degree weather.
Needless to say the weather didn’t end up having much impact on my afternoon….
I met the kids dad. And not like “hi I’m Olivia from the united states” more like “oh shit am I going to make it out of here alive?”. I’m almost positive this is karma for me always saying “never have I ever been caught in the act” when we play the drinking game. This was potentially my worst nightmare.
Although I was feeling like the biggest shit head to ever exist, the boy was simply too precious. Obviously they were mad at each other, but he kept asking me if I was okay, and telling me not to worry. He walked me out so I didn’t have to face this man who I’m sure just thought I was some huge slut. We stood waiting for the elevator, and he never stopped reassuring me that everything would be okay. He grabbed my face (which I’m sure was so bad for my chipmunk cheeks) kissed me, and told me to forget anything ever happened.
From there I decided I should go to my next two classes (why not?) in which I mostly replayed the afternoons events and talked to him. Pobrecito texted me how sorry he was 😦
By seven pm, we had talked about the whole ordeal and were back on track, laughing at our bad luck and trying to figure out when we could see each other next.
And so I concluded that perhaps it wasn’t the worst day ever. In fact I was much more productive than normal. Ew I just had the corniest thought and I’m totally going to share it with you: “no day that I saw him could ever be the worst day ever.”
If I am assassinated, now you’ll know why. I used to be so anti people and now I’m all happy go lucky. God damnit I hate this person too!