Before going to see my guy this morning, I’m redoing a Literature Presentation on premonitions. I’m obviously scribbling away, thinking how dumb this is, and how much I despise this book and would prefer to read the Spanish version of 50 Shades of Grey, when I remembered reading a premonition of my own.

Sitting in JFK the night I was leaving the US for my semester abroad, I began my travel journal. The first entry was along the lines of “Where does everyone fall in my life/ Hopefully Argentina will help me figure my shit out.”  Rereading the entry, I needed to chill the eff out, but I got one thing right:

“I’m going to be busy and I want to enjoy all South America has to offer – to its fullest. I’m happy I’m doing this. I think it’ll be good for me — quite honestly I don’t see how it could be bad.”

Who knew I could be such a smart cookie? Perhaps we’re our most wise when we’re just a little bit scared and totally out of our comfort zone. At that point, there’s not much to hold onto other than yourself and the person you want to be.