It’s 9:21 on Thursday morning and I’m sitting in my tiny twin bed with our Siamese cat curled around my arm, our Dachshund laying on my feet, and tears streaming down my face. 

Mom came in to say good morning and sat on my bed, clearly about to say something important, which made me a little nervous.

“Last night, I stayed up talking to Clara, Fran, and later Ine, and if you want to stay longer, we invite you to.  You have to pay nothing, only to change your plane, if you want. But if you want to stay for twenty days for the birthdays of Ine and Clara, you are invited.”

My eyes immediately started watering, and I’m not quick to cry. These people were extending their home to me, they were going to house and feed me for free, they actually wanted me to stay. The love and generosity is overwhelming. And so I’m crying. 

This must be a dream.