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This is probably karma since a couple of posts ago, when I addressed the myths of studying abroad, I stated that there was no way I would get robbed and how I feel so safe here. CALM DOWN, I haven’t been robbed. But my host brother was, and I am probably more mad about it than if it were me. Also, if it were me I would be hysterically crying and curled in a ball, which I am not.

So every night, it’s Fran’s job to take Otto (our dog) out to go to the bathroom.  This usually takes like three minutes and a couple steps away from our front door. But tonight, Fran’s out with the dog, and a hooded man gets right in his face, demands his cell phone, and threatens to stab him in the eye with a needle.

Fran is fine, out a cell phone, and angry, but fine.  But I’m mad. Excuse me, but who are you to take liberty over other people? And you’re going to blind someone with no instrument more terrifying than a needle for a cell phone? Even better, you’re going to rob a young kid for a cell phone? Get this, it was a flip phone.

I’m still stewing over this situation, asking myself what I would’ve done.  I’m sure I would’ve abandoned my phone too, but my older host sister told me that once when something similar happened to her she told the robbers “no” and ran. I think now, after seeing it happen to my brother, I’d have the balls to do the same.

In light of all of this chaos, I feel like I realized that my family here is even more important to me than I thought. If that man had stabbed Fran… I can’t even think of what I would do.  As it is, hours later, I’m sitting on the couch wishing I could have done more than make him some chocolate milk and offer a spoonful of dulce de leche. I don’t know, this just made me realize how I would never let anyone jeopardize these people, and how close we’ve grown over the past three months. I really do love them. They’re amazing people and they are what I love most about Buenos Aires. I could never say enough positive things.

IN CONCLUSION, this evening served as a bit of a wake up call. Obviously a reminder to be safe at nighttime, but also to appreciate those around you as much as possible while you can. ❤