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I saw the boy today.  When I started telling everyone that I had a perfect time, I realized it: I AM A SMITTEN LAME-O.

This was so not part of the plan. First off, I’m not supposed to like anyone ever so this is interfering with that.  Second, I’m not supposed to like anyone in Argentina! This cannot possibly end well.

Yet here I am, as stated, “smitten” with this boy. Ugh it’s actually disastrous the amount of smiling I did today. If I wasn’t me, I would totally loathe myself. Feel free to stop reading whenever you start loathing me as now I’m going to ramble like a little schoolgirl.

First, he picked me up from school… like walked from his house to come and get me. When was the let time anyone ever picked you up walking?  Right, that’s what I thought. Also, when I had to leave, he walked me to the bus stop and waited there with me. When I told him he didn’t have to, he repeatedly told me that he was in no rush.

So, I’m rethinking this later as I’m walking to the gym smiling like an idiot, thinking about my day, and I had some sort of revelation (I think). When we’re together, I literally feel like I’m all he’s thinking about. It seems like such a silly, insignificant thing, but when you’re with someone for the afternoon and they aren’t checking their phone every few minutes you just feel kind of special.  It’s not just that, but little things like how he was in no rush to leave, even though I know he had things to do. It’s funny how you don’t notice how nice it is to feel important to someone for even a brief period of time since we are always multitasking and dividing our time among people.  He doesn’t do that.

This all goes perfectly with the whole “only-child:world-revolves-around-me” syndrome I have self-diagnosed myself with.  I mostly blame my Dad for being too nice to me.  I love it.

Lastly, the boy encouraged me to name his evil little turtle. Who lets some girl name their nameless turtle???? Argentines. (I should amend that: this Argentine.)

Enough crying over my life. Tomorrow I will see him again and probably smile too  much and make everyone hate me all over again…Can’t Wait!