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So I was having a lazy Friday, sitting around watching glee and doing some grammar homework in bed, but eventually rallied and left for the gym around 1pm. After a quick run, I had one of the studios all to myself to do some muscle and stretching stuff. I started to notice that a bunch of guys who were working out across the street kept standing by the windows looking around.  This raised two questions : 1) could they see me? 2) how was the street running through the gym? I was getting into a rhythm with my unequal wrist weights when curiosity got the best of me. I climbed up on the platform where the class instructor would stand to peer outside.  It didn’t appear to be much of anything, there were two cop cars and a cab out front, but I figured it was just some traffic violation because you don’t usually see the cop cars doing too much.  I lost interest and returned to my workout (I’d say that was at about 2pm). 

I finish my workout, blah, blah, and go up to the rooftop patio to stretch since my friends had been raving about it.  I might have stretched for five seconds before it turned into me attempting my high school gymnastics balance beam routine on the seam of the artificial grass (the fact that I still rehearse this is topic for another post…). Anyway, once I saw I had attracted the attention of creepy men on their balconies I decided that was enough and should return to my stretching.  So I stretched in relative peace for the next hour while trying to ignore the uncomfortable eyes watching me stretch my hip flexers. 

So 3pm, I decide to head out. I literally step foot outside of the gym and stop in my tracks at the sight of six cops crouched on the sidewalk around a blanket covered in drugs and money! HAHA! So naturally I stopped to get a good look (although I didn’t want to risk a photo, sorry).  There was literally stacks of bills, probably 15 baggies of the weird cubed marijuana they smoke here, and like six little baggies of coke. What cop decided it was a good idea to leave drugs and money on the sidewalk in a city? I walked away, slowly and looking back frequently, but not enough to be considered suspicious (just dumb).  I walked the nine blocks home smiling like an idiot thinking that maybe if my life here wasn’t so interesting it wouldn’t be so hard to leave.

First priority when I arrived home was to tell Fran, my 17 year old host brother (I was so excited I didn’t even stop to eat anything or shower!).  I was informed, once again, that these “weird” things only happen to me and he said he’d never seen anything like that his entire life.  HAHA I LOVE IT! Talk about attracting the drama…. 😉

In all the excitement, I just wished I had checked if the dealer was driving a “Radio Taxi”….