It’s so hard to believe this wasn’t set up. I took this photo around 10am this Wednesday morning, as I was progressively winding my way home through street names I barely recognized after my conquest at the Brazilian Consulate (I.e. they reluctantly gave me my tourist visa). Anyway, so after the second ordeal of the morning, where I had to get a cash advance on my credit card to pay for said visa, I thought walking home would do me some good. It was actually a dumb idea because I have a really horrible sense of direction. Regardless, on one of many detours, I found myself speed walking behind this girl and practically stopped in my tracks to smack my forehead for not noticing this outfit earlier! I mean look at this girl! Her tulle ensemble looks like she came right off the runway, yet the flats and sweater material of the top make this work for the early morning city stroll.
Only in a city…