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Today is a national holiday, recognizing the anniversary of the Battle of Tucuman, the first day of spring, and “Students Day.” Argentines love any reason to take a day off, but I’m not complaining.

I’ve become accustomed to the 3-day weekend here, since we don’t have classes on Friday, but who knew one extra day would make such a difference? I’m on day four of the weekend and for once, don’t have a million things on my to do list. So far, I’m catching up on my social networking in my pajamas, listening to some Glee covers of Britney Spears, biting my lip, and of course, cuddling my little dog and cat. I guess you could say I’m “relaxing”.

With my time here quickly coming to an end, I can’t imagine wasting a day sitting on the couch.  So I was browsing my guide book but came to the realization that the tourist ideas of “entertainment” are nothing like the city’s real entertainment.  You really only know where to go when you’re immersed, becoming a local. 

While debating, I wait for my iPhone to update with the new emoji icons, and ask myself what I like to do (rolling my eyes here – you’d think I’d know what I like to do). My mental list goes something like this: 1. drink coffee, 2. sing, 3. workout, ….too bad I can’t come up with anything else since these are all no-goes today for their respective reasons: 1. I drank all the coffee and dread the idea of having to make more with the old-fashioned coffee maker (aka. not keurig) 2. In all the photo booth videos I record of myself singing I look like shit, with today being no exception (picture me in some guys t-shirt, hair pulled back, eyes smudged with coal, pouting as I concentrate on my computer screen) 3. I forgot to ask if the gym would be open today because of the national holiday (I tell myself that the walk over to the gym to find out certainly wouldn’t kill me but that whole idea of getting my mind all ready to work out and then not being able to just lands me in a cafe eating some deadly pastry- and we’re trying to wear bikinis next week…).

So what the hell to do? Write about it until something brilliant comes to mind? Do productive things like homework until I think of something better? (No, I could never…). This whole situation is exemplified by the fact that I’m home alone, and now I’ve become accustomed to having other people around to hang out with instead of entertaining myself in a silent home as I have for the past nineteen years as an only child. 

This is all going to end up being destructive because as always, when given time to think, I’m plotting. Plotting how to keep busy, how to stay here, how to change my life. Perhaps some wandering in the early morning city streets will inspire me (and everything will be closed so I can’t be tempted to buy anything- just another lie I’m telling myself, the fact that everything’s closed is in fact a big downer). 

Another morning of circling thoughts, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  In fact, that’s why I came here; to think and find things inside myself that I didn’t know were there. And I think I’ll spend my day off doing just that.