1. You will come back fluent. 

FALSE. You’ll be better, understand more, and probably still be ahead of the curve, but you can’t become fluent in four months.If anything this serves as another excuse to continue traveling abroad.

2. You’ll have a roller coaster of emotions.

FALSE. I think this only applies to people who normally have a roller coaster of emotions.  When your abroad, relax and take it in, there’s not to much to worry over. 

3. You WILL get mugged.

FALSE. If you set yourself up, potentially.  You just have to wear your bitch face all the time. 

4. You will never be the same. 

TRUE. There’s something about abandoning all that you once considered safe and comfortable for a place totally foreign to you that alters your perspective on life and the world. You suddenly feel much more important, perhaps part of something larger than you are. 

5. You’re going to meet someone… someone you like. 

TRUE. Screw this right? Everyone says you will meet a foreign guy and end up coming home with a boyfriend, and I hate to be part of any kind of stereotype.  I’m so anti-this. But if I’m sitting here, thinking about a foreign guy, there’s a solid chance this could happen to you. 

6. You’ll have culture shock.

EH. I don’t know how I feel about this concept, because I wouldn’t necessarily say I had culture shock. Things are obviously different when you travel to another part of the world but I never felt assaulted by the differences of the culture.  They are just different and you learn to accept them, but it wasn’t shocking. 

7. You’ll never want to come home.