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Lucky girl that I am, a friend invited me to go to the country side for a couple days over the weekend to the country club her argentine friends from school belonged to.  No way I was about to turn down hanging out with the locals, or traveling virtually for free. 

So after Thursdays Tango class, we all met up in front of the university.  From there, we drove about an hour by car listening to high power techno to Pilar, which is outside the city.  First stop was the grocery store… I’ve never seen the expression “too many cooks” articulated so well.  We were probably deciding what to buy for an hour and a half.

Eventually we get to the house and it’s beautiful. We ate our noodles on the outdoor patio, overlooking some of the greenest grass I’ve ever seen and a gorgeous in-ground pool.  As the evening progressed, the boys began dancing on the outdoor bar and we eventually migrated to a room with glass walls next to the pool where lights flashed and the evening became a rave.  There were people from Argentina, Ecuador, and Columbia, and everyone was so nice and I had lots of great conversations even though I get super self conscious of my “american-spanish.” 

Equally enlightening was this guy who brought us.  Damn, the fact that I am struggling to articulate this situation makes me wonder what the hell is going on in my head. So he speaks english, somewhat, and I speak spanish, somewhat, so it was pretty interesting for us to try to communicate (lots of misunderstandings going on ahhahahahhaha). It’s probably obvious that the reason I was so intrigued by this particular argentine was because he paid me virtually no attention, but don’t hold it against him.  He’s not the stereotypical Argentine man us american girls have become accustomed to.  God, I’m a sap.  He’s precious…the fact that I’m sitting here smirking, twirling my hair and stumbling over my words is enough to testify for that, so you’re just going to have to believe me. 

And now there’s just another reason I never want to come home… 


Note: Sorry, for being all vague and “private,” I know it’s not what you were expecting from my loud mouth, but for now, it’ll have to do…