When some people are looking for a change in their lives, they dye their hair or buy some flashy car. Today I waxed my legs.

You’re probably asking yourself how these two concepts are related. I’m not entirely sure, but waxing my legs made me wonder at what point I will draw the line, in more ways than one.

First off, it hurt, and I’ve done pain before, waxing, tattoos, you name it (except any real things). But I’m telling you, this girl had no mercy, just peeling that wax off real slow, making a show of it while I tried to convince myself the heat felt like a massage and hiding the fact that I was wincing. But since I thought this was such a great idea to start with, I asked myself, at what point should I draw the line? What is considered the “no wax” zone? Don’t worry that’s not a literal question.

I find myself pushing limits pretty often and I like it that way, but how far is too far? It’s like one of those horrible moments when you take a joke too far and then see it on the other persons face… yikes, been there. Anyways, how does one know when which boundaries should be better left unpushed?

And so I sit here, in a mini wicker chair on the living room floor, eating licorice that I hate because it’s from Spain, left trying to answer the question I’ve posed myself. I wonder, are there categories of boundaries to be tested and ones that shouldn’t be? I thought the boundaries of the beauty world would have fallen in the first category but clearly I was wrong about that.

For now, I leave you with a piece of wisdom from my host mom, it doesn’t clear my state of confusion but gave me a good laugh, and a genuine smile.

“It is so easy to be happy. I don’t understand people who can only see their bellybuttons.”