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Another day, another shit show.  Today was the third day in a row my alarm has gone off at 8am, and yes I actually got up when that happened.  It’s midterms here so I’ve been making some attempt to “study,” although my family called me out last night when I was on my third hour of Ley y Orden (Law and Order) with my notebook open.  So they quizzed me on past participles for a couple minutes and ended up arguing  over the conditional tense… if they can’t even remember it how the hell should I?

The week’s been pretty lackluster. Monday I took my literature exam, which I think I killed.  Tuesday was art and cultural studies… literally answered one of ten art answers correctly.  Whatever, you only need to get a four out of ten to pass and I always go to class anyway.  Today is spanish, but I figure I’ll just go with what sounds right (I’ve been advised against this because nothing sounds “right” to a non-native speaker). 

It’s rainy today so everyones home and complaining. I spent a couple hours groaning on the couch with my sister, chatting about never going to school and sleeping all day (her usual routine).  She’s obsessed with sprite so she was drinking that while I huddled over my second cup of coffee… and of course had my spanish notes open (but was watching Medium and petting our cat). 

However, there have been some highlights to this misery. Monday was sunny, and I have this fun little game going with mis amigos at Starbucks where they try to remember my name. It’s more fun than it sounds.  I think I’ve been messing them up by changing my order from a latte to the coffee of the day to save five pesos (all of a sudden I’m on what one would call “a budget”). Anyways, they always guess Alexa which is funny because that’s my best friends name, but she doesn’t go there so it really isn’t that cute, more just coincidental. 

In other news, I discovered garage band on my computer so that’s been keeping me relatively busy, although I’m somewhat concerned that all 14 apartments in the building can hear me singing. hahaha

Oh, and obviously, the highlight of yesterday was getting to watch last weeks episode of Glee, although I think that might be why I was in such a bad mood all day, besides the fact that my exams sucked.  I love glee so much but always get frustrated that I’m not living their lives or at least on the show.  What I wouldn’t give to cover songs and learn dance routines for a living.

Lastly, my brother just presented me with a hairball, which I expected to be a lizard, and told me our cat had a kitten.  I screamed, its 11am, so probably waking up the rest of the city.  Then we did the same thing to Mom and Ilda, our housekeeper. Ah, we really got a rise out of her. 

Best of all, Canela (our Siamese cat) is sitting on my Spanish book and I just can’t bear to disturb her (or study). 

Check out the mornings activities in photos: 



ImageImageAlright so maybe we set her up, but mom told us to.