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despise desperate women.  They get under my skin and I just want to slap them and tell them they’re giving us normal ones a bad rep.  

Today, I tweeted at the Biebs again.  It started as a drunken activity I could laugh about with my friends: now, I’m strategizing my hashtags and word choices so I will be retweeted by Justin Bieber. Furthermore, seven hours later, I’m sitting here procrastinating an art project and stewing about it, cursing myself for not paying better attention to his tweeting patterns throughout the day.

I’d like to think this is rock bottom.  I remind myself “you WILL lose followers if you keep tweeting at him,” but I just can’t stop myself! Obviously I’m an addictive personality in action, between spending, alcohol, food, attention, and now tweeting at celebrities, but this needs to stop.  My other addictions are at least reasonable and beneficial (to what end is debatable).

But whyyyyyy do I crave the retweet by the Biebs? I’m definitely not a “belieber,” for Gods sake I’m nineteen years old! Mind you, I just downloaded his album and find it relatively seductive but that’s beside the point.  Of course if he was interested, I wouldn’t turn down a drink… (shit, he’s not even legal to drink…).

Ok, whatever I need to get my act together here! Of his 27,737,590 followers on Twitter, I simply won’t be retweeted: its nothing personal, I’m sure Justin would love to get to know me, but contact via twitter is simply unfeasible: the odds are against me.  

But back to the original issue: why am I bothered by being ignored by Justin Beiber? A stab in the dark would say I’m not used to being ignored (hehe).  Further inquisition would reveal I’d love to be his “Out of Town Girl” so he could serenade me and also so the world could appreciate my blooming celebrity. Yea, that seems to fit the description. The Biebs is everything I need in a man: handsome, wealthy, sings…. would perhaps open doors to my millions of career opportunities in the greater A-List world.  

Yuck, I feel kind of sick daydreaming about laying on the beach with a guy younger than I am (lolz at my personal joke here, but it’s only kind of a joke —did I grow up or something?).  

Watch, now that I’m moving on from yet another lost love (lust), I’m going to get the little box from twitter on my iPhone “@justinbieber retweeted to 27,737,590 followers: ‘@justinbieber I could be your Out Of Town Girl #believe #argentina'”.  And with the fact that I hash tagged “Believe” in real life, the self loathing continues.

I invite you all to follow me on twitter, but can’t promise there won’t be an occasional celebrity tweet.