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It’s a curious concept how some mornings we wake up knowing it’s going to be a good day, or oppositely a bad one. We all know how to start a bad day: wake up late, have nothing to wear, out of coffee, stuck in traffic, forget to put deodorant on… the possibilities are endless.

But yesterday, I found myself walking down a busy city street feeling spectacular, and asked myself why that was. I was on my way to school so it definitely wasn’t the days activities, and was also exhausted after just returning hours earlier from a weekend getaway.  But in dark skinny jeans, a tan trapeze cut top, a cropped autumn tan Free People jacket, a slate blue and neutral scarf, my off white BCBG flats – permanently stained by the city streets, paired with my white and tan Nine West summer purse, I realized today had endless promise.  I mish-moshed my outfit that morning and wouldn’t you know it came out perfectly complimentary.  I was also feeling accomplished because I actually decoded my Spanish Literature poems for once, while I usually don’t bother with cracking the book.  Top this off with my newly downloaded music and I was strutting through the cross walks. 

So, “what makes a good day?”, I wonder, as the same feeling overcomes me this morning before I’ve even left the apartment. Yet another great outfit, paired with complimentary nails, a completed art project, but most likely the two cups of coffee I’ve already had and the one I’m looking forward to picking up from my Argentine friends at Starbucks.

If you’re Tuesday isn’t looking so hot, I’ll buy you a coffee, and you buy yourself an outfit.ImageImage