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So I wake up this morning, ready to hit the gym like any good overachiever, and I am surprised to find my host mom awake, and furthermore, in the kitchen.  She explains to me that it’s raining very hard and as a result she was unable to sleep.  Being the smartass I am, I’m thinking to myself, “Oh, I just looked outside and it’s not raining…” Wouldn’t you know, no sooner than I take out the toaster do I hear the booming crack of lightening.

The light in this small excerpt is that the entire family has hunkered down and isn’t leaving the house (let alone their beds)! Mom laughed and said she forgot to set her alarm clock so no one went to school… can you do that here? Do they not believe in truancy? I’m sure friggin Kristina (Kirschner) must have something to say about that in her annoying whine of a voice. But seriously, it’s raining so we just bail? This was a blow to my psyche. I was already mentally amped for yoga and was planning on trudging through the rain (all 9 blocks mind you) to get there.  Now I am not.  I’m sure you can see how one led to the other and I now find myself drinking coffee on the couch.