It’s fine, I’ll be honest, I’m a gym snob.  My gym at home is named “Luxe,” explicitly stating the obvious for others of my type.

Long story short, it’s been 20 days since my last work out and I’m having withdrawals.

So I set out on my journey to find an outlet for all of my pent up energy (still talking about gyms here, no worries).

First Megatron, then WellClub, then some grungy place you couldn’t pay me to go to, and then Renacimiento. All failures… how is this possible? Megatron is sufficient but a good half hour walk and inside a mall (doubly dangerous). WellClub raised their prices 100 pesos since I was there last night… and they are only accepting cash. Renacimiento is filled with smelly men and lacking a spin studio.  So glad I wore my gym clothes all day in preparation for a workout that consisted of storming angrily from gym to gym.

How will this bratty girl ever get back to being buff?

American Sport is my only hope… I must admit I was initially turned off by the 80s style models in pink spandex, but 3 floors with a pool is sounding more and more appealing.  And they better take my friggen credit card.

Until then, back to squatting in the elevator.

Too bad six floors will never be long enough…