I woke up this morning feeling like I had cracked the code.   After figuring out how to enjoy eating the meat that is known here as milenesa last night, I was off to a good start.  Since Mom had already left for her spiritual retreat, Fran had eaten, Ine was at Dads, and Clari was no where to be found, I was on my own for dinner.  Initally I was relieved, thinking I could avoid the death that is milenesa… but eventually my hunger got the best of me, shocking im sure. So I figured, if milenesa is there equivalent to a chicken cutlet, why not try it with ketchup? To my surprise and delight, ketchup exists here and was even stocked on the bottom shelf of the fridge door. 2 for 2. The outcome was stomachable, maybe even good, considering I had a second piece.  As much as I hate to admit the looks of the situation im sure youll love it… I couldn’t cut through the meat because it is so thin and crisped or something so I resorted to the cave woman techniques and ate with my hands… yolo I suppose.  As a side note, there is no idiotic terms like yolo in existence here, refreshing from the imbecilic nature of the Estados Unidos. Oh home…

            Anyways, back to why I feel so great about this day…. Put dulce de leche in my coffee. Its pretty much taken its place above good sex on my list of favorite things the world has to offer.  Last week when I started having dulce de leche toast for breakfast I would use the same knife that I used to spread the deliciousness on the bread, as to stir my coffee (cause I feel bad always dirtying all of the little spoons…). And things just happened to work out from there! The taste is much better than adding more sweetner… im not sure why but im sticking with it.

            I think the realization of how to eat here is just a part of me adjusting to life in a new place. I feel comfortable here, blabbing in castellano and ordering coffee for twenty five pesos. It’s the new normal. And I love it.